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What is the IMDB Video Downloader? How to use it? Is it legal? These are some of the commonly asked questions when considering the installation of an IMDB Video Downloader on your website. Read on to get answers to these important questions.


Is IMDB a legal entity? – No, the IMDB website is not an entity of any kind, and hence is not considered as an entity for tax purposes. However, the best video downloader is a open-source project. It may become so because of its active sponsors. These sponsors offer a free and open source to anyone who wants to contribute to it and develop on it. Hence, the best video downloader is a freely available and open-sourced one.


How to start using the IMDB Video Downloader? – The IMDB video downloader works on all web browsers, starting from Internet Explorer to Firefox and Safari. You do not need to install special software on your computer for using this application. Just visit the IMDB website and log in with your user ID and password.


How to search for the movies and TV shows that you want to download? – If you are already signed up to the IMDB site, then the easiest way to get instant access to the information you are looking for is to simply search for it. Just enter the IMDB URL of the resource you want and press “Go”. Another useful shortcut is to add the keywords to your Firefox or Chrome browser search box and hit enter. The IMDB Video Downloader will search through the databases and display the results as soon as it finds any matching online video files.


How to use the IMDB Video Downloader to save time while browsing? – You can sort your list of movie trailers or movies by rating, genre or actor, according to your preferences. When you have listed them in the Download Manager, simply click the download button and wait for the IMDB Video Downloader to scan your web pages and automatically extract the files you selected. This is also an easy way to make backup copies of your favorite websites without having to manually transfer them over the net!


How to use the IMDB Video Downloader on your iPhone, iPad or iPod? – Unlike the iPhone or iPad, there is no dedicated iPhone application for this. However, there are several third party applications that offer similar functions, which include iPhone IMDB App and iPhone Movie Downloader. These apps allow downloading movies from the web, both for free and paid memberships, and they can be used on compatible mobile devices like the iPhone, iPod Touch or Android phones. The iPhone version is specifically meant for the iPod Touch and iPhone 3GS while the Android version is compatible with the Android phones running the Kit Kat 4.4 operating system.


Will the IMDB Video Downloader work on my computer? – Yes, most of these IMDB Video Downloader compatible downloaders are compatible with Windows operating systems. However, the official application that comes free with the software is not compatible with all kinds of computers. If you encounter any problem installing the IMDB Video Downloader, you can easily download it using the “rar” application which is available free of charge on the internet. Once the application is successfully installed on your PC, it will prompt you to download and install it on your PC or the mobile device of your choice.


Does the IMDB Video Downloader work on tablets or smartphones? – Almost all modern smartphones that run on iOS devices, and almost all other kinds of smart phones, including the Android models, are compatible with the IMDB Video Downloader. This means that you can easily transfer or save your favorite videos from your phone to your PC using this program. However, you may encounter some problems with some devices when it comes to loading some of the files on their systems, especially since not all mobile devices support the file formatting used by the IMDB Video Downloader.

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